Slot Bonus Games

Online slots have slot bonus games for the players to get opportunity to accumulate extra payouts without any additional investments in wager. It is a good attraction and it is difficult to get a recent release slot game without such features. However, bonus game will not come quickly. The symbol alignment requires triggering bonus game occurrence frequently. Disappointed clients are bad for an organization and so the slot game developers include creation compensatory mechanism for the player who has not won in slot bonus games.

Two types of bonus games are available in online slots. The first one is the slot bonus games which are available on the 2nd screen. Mechanism for compensation available in such slot games are integrated in the past. On the other hand such games are frequent in the gaming market. Robot Butler is a slot game released by Microgaming which is a good example for compensation mechanism. In this game, the player must choose an item from newspaper, key and pipe. The Butler will then fetch an item for the master. If Robot Butler gets an incorrect item, we must select it again. We can win about hundred times the targeting bet, if Butler is flourishing in the game. We can win consolation prize of four times the targeting bet if Robot fails both the times in the game.

Free spins round is the 2nd type of slot bonus games. Traditionally these slot bonus games does not have any compensation mechanism against underprivileged payouts. Hockey hero is a game released by Realtime gaming which compensates poor performances in free spin bonus round. Such features were named as Win-Win Bonus features. We can get compensation payouts if we win about 10 times the targeting bet in free spin round. The payout is quiet visualizing and from this standpoint it is a misnomer to form compensation. If the payout is between zero and two times the active bet, then the bonus compensation of twenty times the active bet is rewarded. This feature is very attractive and will be used in slot games.